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Used Machines


Ashman’s Equipment Rental & Sales is a distributor of new and used heavy construction equipment including excavators, rollers, jack hammers and backhoes.  

We are committed to providing, buying, selling and sourcing the highest level of used and new machines in the industry.

We provide customers with exceptional service and high quality earthmoving solutions. We offer numerous product lines including – JCB excavators, jack hammers and JCB backhoes.  Our rentals provide an economic solution to an often expensive machinery demand.


We source JCB equipment and parts, as well as other makes and models, direct from England.  For our customers, with our UK contact, we can find most equipment.

Location & Contact

Ashman's Equipment Rental and Sales Ltd is strategically placed to serve our customers islandwide.  With an extensive carrier service for our JCB parts arranged, we are the main supplier for interparts in Jamaica.  Contact our corporate office to speak to a representative.

71-76 Marlin Loop, Old Harbour Glades, Old Harbour, St. Catherine, Jamaica
(876) 983-0109, 876-633-0361 and 876-431-9697(mobile)

Shop 27, 139 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 10
(876) 631-6807 or (876) 632-1908 or (876) 472-7418 (mobile)

Shop 6, Miriam Way, Barnett Oval, Montego Bay
(876) 627-5518 or (876) 493-8006 (mobile)